Owl Griffin Plushie!

Protective Owl Griffin

Fylax is an ancient Greek word that means guardian.

Meet your new best friend! Fylax is an adorable, fierce, and loyal little owl griffin with a touch of sass.

Get your hands on our limited edition plush stuffed animal while supplies last. She is so FLUFFY!!!

She makes a great snuggle buddy, travel companion and gets along amazingly well with other furry friends.

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Received my Fylax today. So cute.

Stuart S.

My fylax arrived today and so soft and fluffy, I love it


Love her so much! My 2 cats aren’t sure about her yet


My niece got her Fylax today for Christmas and LOVES it!

Kit L.

Mine arrived today. Picked her up, first thought was, “wow, soft!”

David H.

Its beautiful! What a wonderful idea brought to life. Many thanks.


Got my Fylax! I love her! 😀


My Fylax arrived today! Super cute and super soft!!